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What problems do we help to solve?

Zequenze focuses on helping Service Providers better serve their customers by enriching and automating end-users' experience while maximizing network's monetization capabilities. From seamless WiFi connectivity to DSL/FTTH modem self-provisioning, Zequenze provides flexible and highly scalable solutions that both increase Service Providers revenue-streams as well as dramatically lower OPEX.

Our three major working areas are:


What Products do we offer?


Zequenze offers three main solutions for each of the above indicated problems we help to solve:



Cloud-based engine for services/devices provisioning, configuration, and analytics


Simple and automated entry point for end users and devices through any access technology


Cloud-based engine for end-user eXperience anaytics

Around these core solutions, we have deployed a wide arrange of specific applications and services that can be integrated to complement and enrich end-user experience as well as specific Service Providers needs cush as Captive Portal add-ons (Social Media based login, Payment bridge, Advertisement Management), Content Filtering (Secure DNS), AAA server, HTTP and Application Router, WiFi Offload (SIM-based authentication), WiFi calling (Voice over WiFi), CPE automation, among many others.

All Zequenze's solutions provides a common set of features and functionalities:

Who we are?


Zequenze is technology company focused on control, measurement and automation tools for telecom and IT infrastructure. Our focus is to help Service Providers and Enterprises to fully automate its applications and services in a highly scalable and error-free approach.
Zequenze employs best-in-class software development practices (Agile) as well as state-of-the-art programming languages, platforms and databases systems, enablers of unprecedented scalability, availability, and flexibility for our solutions.
We believe, we can port best software development and operations practices (DevOps) to deploy and operate telecom and IT infrastructure.

Last but not least, we strongly believe in the use of open architectures and protocols and we embrace and enforce interoperability with all type of standard-based platforms and solutions. To make it crystal clear: we are against proprietary interfaces and closed architectures and we believe that is through great solutions and not incumbency that we will continue developing businesses with our customers.

How do we commercialize these solutions?


At Zequenze we are committed to partnering our customers in their business models. For this purpose, we highly endorse the XaaS (Anything as a Service) business model.

Rather than charge large amounts of CAPEX for our solutions (with intrinsic Technical Support and Software Maintenance OPEX), we have opted to follow PaaS schemes which our customers can smoothly integrate into their business cases resulting in a more compelling and healthy commercial models.


Contact us and tell us how we can help


We'd love to hear your ideas, comments or questions. Please contact us at any time and we'll do our best to answer before the end of the next working day. 

Zequenze, LLC
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Incorporated and headquartered in Miami, FL, USA since 2013, providing solutions for Service Providers, Telecom Vendors, Enterprise and Government markets worldwide.