About Zequenze Software Solutions for Telecom Automation Zequenze is a technology company focused on management and automation tools for telecom services.

Our mission is to help Service Providers and Enterprises fully automate their applications and services in a highly scalable and error-free approach
Device Management Device Management Multivendor/Multiprotocol platform to manage, automate and optimize end-user devices within your network See more Subscriber Management Subscribers Management Carrier-grade Control Access Platform (AAA/Captive Portal/Subs DB) that smoothly integrates with any Access Network (FTTH, WiFi, DSL, Cable) See more

Our Solutions

Zequenze provides flexible and highly scalable solutions that both increase Service Providers revenue-streams as well as dramatically lower OPEX.

Device Management
Device Management
Homogeneous visualization, configuration an analytics for all devices in the network
Subscribers Management
Subscribers Management
Single platform to manage/control subscriber’s access agnostically from access-network

Why Zequenze

We are a 10x company. We can do things for our customers 10x faster with 10x less bureaucracy than legacy vendors. We are proud of this, and our customers love it.
Our solutions are designed since inception for Telecom Service Providers, integrating the intrinsic advantages of the Public Cloud: Elasticity, Flexibility, and Resiliency in every aspect of their design, operation, and maintenance.
Are you tired of working with vendors that resemble a governmental institution? We got tired as well, and this is why we founded zequenze. We are proud of our openness and flexibility to understand and help to solve complex problems through innovative solutions and people.
We love to learn from our customers’ problems and help them to solve them through innovative approaches which can become realistically deployed on a large scale.

Our Services

All zequenze platforms are commercialized through SaaS models, helping service providers get solutions up and running in a matter of weeks without the technical and financial constraints of classical On-Prem deployment.
Professional Services
We are happy to help our customers smooth the implementation and integration of our solutions within their ecosystem.
On Prem
If/when required, our platforms can be deployed within organization premises, either on physical or virtualized architecture.
Consulting Services
Sometimes, you may need some help to analyze your problems better and how properly tackle them. We have some pretty decent experience in doing this, and we are happy to help our customers.

Contact us and tell us how we can help

We'd love to hear your ideas, comments, or questions. Please contact us at any time, and we'll do our best to answer before the end of the next working day.